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pastor krisThis area of our website highlights some of Kris's interests and passions. You will find last week's sermon, favorite blogs and faith discussions, devotionals, and current articles from the church newsletter. We hope this will help you get to know Kris a little better!

• Rev's Reflections from the latest Visitor, our monthly church newsletter

Hacking Christianity: Where does an ancient faith tradition meet the postmodern age? This blog contains thought-provoking news and reflections from Rev. Jeremy Smith in Portland, Oregon. If Christianity is a system of symbols and doctrines that interrelate to make real the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, then "hacking Christianity" means examining of how ideas, internet videos, or current events open the system and make it more accessible and open to modern culture. Also, it's a little nerdy. helping clergy and churches relate across cultural and racial differences so they can share the good news of God's love more effectively together.

DreamUMC: Kris is one of the moderators of the DreamUMC conversations on Twitter and Facebook. DreamUMC is a movement that seeks to envision and realize a bold future of the UMC. We are committed to open conversation with all voices. We strive for a more healthy, faithful, Spirit-filled United Methodist Church and are willing to innovate and think outside the box to get there. We want to model shared leadership, grassroots collaboration, conversation and "conferencing," and commitment to faithfulness to God above preserving an institution. We believe that the United Methodist movement is vital and important for the world today, and we hope to be part of the revitalization we believe is taking place.

Unfolding Light: Reflections, poetry and prayers from Rev. Steve Garnaas-Holmes, a United Methodist pastor in New Hampshire. You can also subscribe to a daily email devotional.