What Legacy Will You Leave?
As the years fly by we may often regret doing something 'yesterday' or 'yesteryear' that would have been a benefit to us, and/or our loved ones, today. Stretch the term 'loved ones' to include programs, institutions, charities. . . and you've included First United Methodist Church. Since 1971,
members of our congregation have gifted our First United Methodist Foundation, a 501.c3 endowment vehicle to benefit the program and facilities of First Church and our community.

Seven members of our congregation serve as board members. Ask us for details about our Foundation and how to proceed in consideration of
a gift here or to another charitable organization you've thought about supporting. Foundation flyers can be found in the Sanctuary on the
back of the pews where hymnals are kept, as well as in the pamphlet rack in the parlor. Board members are: Ann Carlson, Ralph Drake,
Sam Gay, Patti Hampton, Virginia Legg, Jane McDonald and Nancy Wong.